Back to Life: How I Overcame the Obstacles of Christian Dating

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In "Back to Life," the author takes readers on an inspiring and heartfelt journey through the highs and lows of dating as a committed Christian in the modern world. Drawing from personal experience, the author candidly reveals the challenges faced—from reconciling religious values with societal norms, to the struggle of finding a compatible partner who shares the same spiritual goals.

The title "Back to Life" alludes to a sense of renewal or awakening, likely indicating that the author encountered moments of doubt, loneliness, or even disillusionment. Yet, the book promises a message of hope and resilience. It serves as both a reflective memoir and a practical guide, offering real-world solutions to relatable problems.

With a blend of storytelling, scriptural insights, and sage advice, the author doesn't just recount a personal journey, but also provides readers with actionable steps and considerations for their own dating lives. Topics may range from setting healthy boundaries, navigating online dating as a Christian, to cultivating a relationship that honors God.

This book aims to be an invaluable resource for Christian singles who feel sidelined or misunderstood in today's dating landscape. By sharing both triumphs and failures, "Back to Life" aspires to show readers that despite the difficulties that may come their way, a fulfilling relationship that aligns with their faith is not only possible but attainable.


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